An Unbiased Review of Nikon D3100

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Ever since it was founded in 1917, Nikon which is a part of the Mitsubishi ‘Keiretsu’ group has been focussing on manufacturing cameras, lenses and imaging products and over the years has acquired renown all over the world for its products. Through its models like the SLR cameras, COOLPIX cameras and their accessories, this brand has shown unremitting commitment towards performance, quality, technological application and innovation.

One of the latest models of this company is the Nikon D3100 and it is a DSLR Nikon F-Mount camera which was launched in August, 2010. This camera is meant as an improvement on its predecessor, the D3000 and so far has fulfilled its promise of delivering beautiful images with amazing clarity. Because Nikon has always claimed that its D3000 model is one of the best selling in the world, the introduction of D3100 as a better version was being viewed with a lot of scepticism but so far this model has lived up to its reputation and the first reviews have been positive and favourable.

In the field of DSLR there are models like Canon and Fuji apart from Nikon and although they may vary from each other in terms of features and price, their basic function remains the same – clicking clear and well defined pictures which can be preserved for many years to come. Nowadays, photography has become a popular hobby with many people around the world and given the current affordability of digital SLR cameras, almost everyone is trying to acquire one which is most suited to his needs.

With a plethora of models on the shelf it is indeed difficult to pinpoint one which seems to be the best and bearing in mind certain factors certainly helps with taking the decision. Having found a model which suits your style and purpose of photography an important aspect of purchase is to make sense of all the technical jargon associated with such a camera. In this regard the D3100 from Nikon comes through with flying colors – its 14.2 megapixels, CMOS mega sensor, full high definition video capability and 11-point AutoFocus system make it one of the best buys in this category.

However, making a purchase without comparing the various models would not be a wise decision and hence prior to buying this should be compared to the other models belonging to the same category. Some of the parameters which could be used for comparing are price, user friendliness, versatility, size, speed and technical details. In this regard the D3100 from Nikon is compact and lightweight both of which ensure portability, six exposure scene modes and in-built HDMI port because of which it scores well on all these aspects.

An innovation in this camera is the replacement of optical viewfinder with a ‘Live View’ feature along with a large 3-inch LCD screen on which all images can be previewed and edited. Therefore, whether it is a birthday party, a sports event, anniversary celebration or simply adorable kids and pets, a carefully chosen DSLR camera from a well known, reliable and time-tested brand is all that it takes to capture moments and convert them into unforgettable memories.


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An Unbiased Review of Nikon D3100

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An Unbiased Review of Nikon D3100

This article was published on 2012/01/10